Understanding Microsoft Excel and its Functions

  Understanding Microsoft Excel - program or application that is part of the Microsoft Office installation package, functions to process numbers using a spreadsheet consisting of rows and columns to execute commands. Microsoft Excel has become the best data / distributed in a multi-platform manner. Microsoft Excel is not only available numeric processing software in the world, besides Microsoft Excel has been and Apple. on the Windows platform, Microsoft Excel is also available on MacOS, Android Microsoft Excel fundamentally uses spreadsheets for data management and performs Excel functions which are better known as Excel formulas. Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program. A spreadsheet is a collection of cells consisting of rows and columns where you enter numbers in Microsoft Excel. The number of cells in Microsoft Excel 2016 consists of 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns or 17,179,869,184 cells. As the most popular number processing program, Micr

Understanding Workbook in Excel

Gambar - A workbook is a data management workbook that can store more than one worksheet in Microsoft Excel. The term worksheet is an electronic worksheet where data is stored. A worksheet consists of cells identified in rows and columns in Microsoft Excel. Workbook functions are related to all commands that exist in Microsoft Excel. The initial view of the Workbook consists of only one worksheet, users can easily add it if needed. Each cell can contain data either in the form of strings, numbers, or Excel formulas. Excel Workbook Functions and Sections The figure below shows the workbook window in Excel and the meaning of each component is provided in the list. Title Bar - Displays the name of the workbook that is currently active or open. By default the workbook name in Microsoft Excel is "Book1". Quick Access Toolbar - Serves to display commands that are often used in Microsoft Excel. You can reduce or increase the commands displayed on the Qui

Views and Sections of Microsoft Excel Worksheets

  Understanding Worksheets and Functions - Understanding an Excel worksheet is a spreadsheet that functions as a place for user input of data through cells, processed and displayed in the workbook. The data is organized by the workbook so that it can be moved or copied to another worksheet. The worksheet consists of rows (rows) and columns (columns). Based on the number of rows and columns in Microsoft Excel, the Microsoft Excel worksheet contains 17,179,869,184 cells. Excel row Microsoft Excel rows identify cells horizontally. Microsoft Excel rows are identified from row 1 - 1,048,576, so the number of rows in Microsoft Excel is 1048576 rows. You can go to the last row cell with Ctrl + Page Down. Excel column Columns in Microsoft Excel identify cells vertically. Microsoft Excel columns are identified starting with the letters A-XFD, so the number of Microsoft Excel columns is 16,384. You can go to the last column cell with Ctrl + End. How to Name

Sections, Functions and Understanding of the Ribbon

Understanding the Ribbon in Microsoft Excel - The Ribbon in Microsoft Excel is a collection of commands that consists of several menu tabs and each tab consists of command buttons in a certain group. The Ribbon consists of menu tabs, command groups and command buttons. Each menu consists of a command group where the command buttons are grouped. Command buttons provide a variety of uses or functions in Microsoft Excel. Types of Microsoft Excel Ribbon and Their Functions The Microsoft Excel Ribbon consists of menu tabs that are equipped with command groups. The menu tab in Microsoft Excel 2016 consists of the File, Home, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review, View, Developer, Load Test, Power Pivot and Team menus. Developer, Load Test, and Team features are hidden by default in Microsoft Excel. File menu The file menu is the main menu in Microsoft Excel 2016. Since the release of Microsoft Excel 2010, the Office Button has been replaced by the File Me

How to Auto Hide, Hide and Bring Up the Ribbon

Gambar - Ribbon Display Options is a feature pinned at the top of the Microsoft Excel 2016 window to make it easier to customize the appearance of the Ribbon. Previously this feature was already in Microsoft Excel 2007, but due to its hidden existence it caused most users to find problems with missing or hidden Microsoft Excel ribbon. The function of "Ribbon Display Options" is to allow users to hide and reveal the Ribbon in Excel. There is a new feature provided is Auto Hide, the program automatically displays the Ribbon in Microsoft Excel when the mouse is hovered on the Menu Tab. How to Show Ribbon in Excel with Ribbon Display Options 1. Click the Ribbon Display Options in the top right corner of Microsoft Excel. 2. Then Select "Show Tabs and Commands" bandarq 3. Then the Ribbon will be displayed How to Hide the Ribbon in Excel with the Ribbon Display Options 1. Click the Ribbon Display Options in the top right corner of Microsoft Exc